I do not see why any guy should try and act Alladin if he ain’t.
You know the rule, don’t mess with the heart if you not willing to be there for the long run.
So nice, better than sweet, funnier than Kevin Hart…you do anything to get in. So it’s not enough that you put on too much cologne when you come to see us, now you even got tattoos on your body. Good luck trying to be “the Chris Brown”. We are smatter than before now, we know all you really want is to pass time and play.

I also object to you acting like Jasmine if you really are not. You smile at almost everything he says, tell him his arms are big, blush even when his comment sounds like toilet air and I know you usually lift one leg up when he kisses you. It’s not enough that you fake the love, now you trying to act like a princess with a diary.

I will keep remembering how my friend Diana wanted to prove she loved him. Treated him like a king, saw him as one and wanted to always keep it that way.
Apparently this king had too many thrones to sit on. 4 months down the lane, she lost her innocence to a loser. Seems like the king wasn’t voted in again by the council.

Baby girl focus, these boys don’t love you.

I will certainly not forget my friend George, such a loyal guy. He always invited her to his hostel. To him, she was a goddess! Her scent could kill anyone! He treated her so well. She was a bit older but he was determined. She always showed up and the relationship always had that spark. She used to call him on his cellphone, late night when she needed his love. But the hotline stopped blinging. She started going places with other guys. Made him feel bad and definitely cancelled all the dates.
Made him feel like he did her wrong.

Boy focus! Make money then get any girl you want.

My posts are usually juggled up ideas. But this specific one is for my new friend who is also an awesome blogger. He is the George in this situation. I want him to feel good about himself and to always know that I got him.

I’m sorry bro, she is not worth it and I will surely disagree if you call her Jasmine!

OK .. I’m done now…


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