Remember that time when you wished you’d grow up fast…thought of how it would be cool to start work, get paid, move out of your parents house, pay bills and be responsible?:roll:

Well, me too, I remember. I remember how in high school, our head mistress always told us that the world out there is not that friendly, how we’d wish to come back to high school as soon as we left.👹

It’s okay, call me a living witness to that myth. It might be a fact😥.
So I’m only eighteen and I work, pay my bills and I’m in the capacity to buy a property. Started when I was just 17. Is it cool? A lot. Mom’s proud and I love that. But now I understand why older people usually say they are tired after work. I really do.🙀

I’m in the bus on my way home from work and boy I’m I tired!
Sometimes I really miss when I was in high school. Yeah, kill me! 👾

See how little kids have a good time? They know nothing about mingling with the opposite sex or getting heartbroken. How cool!✌

Whatever age you are in…exploit it to your maximum. There’s nothing that interesting in growing up. Let it be a natural process please.😾

I just wana go back to when I was young, if I knew then what I know now, would’ve changed a lot.💁

I mean, trust me…DON’T GROW UP! IT’S A TRAP!👎


Published by yvonnekache

Im beautiful!

7 thoughts on “IT’S NEVER THAT AWESOME.

  1. Grandma Anna-seventy years old, still not of fact tired?

    Youth, tempted to complain
    beautiful age.
    I’m not angry, I’m already old
    Lary-manse speech youth
    for reproof, sometimes seducing
    nepokárám, I wish you luck
    for joy and hope.

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  2. well i wish we all could have been remained to high school and kids too with no tension or stress…….nothing to comment more for you, sweet wonderful but truthful article you have written. thank you miss yvonne kache

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