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Got into bed at 3:15pm today. Too early you guess? I thought so too. I mean…I just got this terrible flu last evening, never really thought it’d be anything serious but oh well…:'(
My head, nasal area and basically my whole head hurts. It’s such a Saturday evening!  I mean…I can hear the music outside my bedroom so someone is definitely having fun somewhere out there.💃
I’m just at this point where life tires me. I might have just been looking okay this whole summer but I’m really bored to death.
I mean I’m this steak that’s
so grilled outside but raw in the middle. Too peaceful outside but too crooked inside.😷
I started writing this post yesterday but then dozed off in the middle of the night.
OK I’m done.😂😂😂
Haha and the picture there was a phootage by a new white South African friend of mine that I recently talk to much…Kevin Gerber. Hope he doesn’t get mad that I used this picture and his name here.
The only guy that has given negative comments on this blog. I respect him for that and I hope he isn’t being mean. Guess I’m raw in the middle.
Asante  Kevin Nakupenda (Thanks Kevin I love you.) 😍





1: The cute guy isn’t mine alone.
2: The ugly guy doesn’t  fascinate me at all.
3: The normal type of guy is hard to find.😱

1: The cute guy is very stingy and cares for his own needs…he is more fascinated in being happy than making me happy.
2: The ugly guy gives me most of what I want materially even if I do not ask for it. But I don’t want him, he is ugly, come on!
3: The normal type of guy gives  me material things in minimal amounts, he tries to balance love and money.😷

1: The cute guy is a bit choosy on who he loves or has relations with, but he has relations with a lot of all the types of girls.
2: The ugly guy is ready to have relations with any female that comes his way. I mean come on, does he really have that many choices?
3: The normal type of guy is just simply afraid to fall in love because of the fear of heartbreak. He was loyal in his first relationship but the opposite sex wasn’t.:(

…I like the cute guy but he has too many disadvantages.
…I love the amount of money the ugly guy gives me but not his face, so No!
…I should definitely end up with the normal guy but he thinks I’m hot so I will break his heart.