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So I went through a break up last week on Wednesday night after almost 6 months of a long distance relationship. Actually today is Tuesday… so this is exactly a week after my last romance encounter with the dustbin of a guy. Then we broke up the next day (Wednesday as I had said before).😩😩😩

I may tolerate thoughts of being cheated on (that is if I don’t have proof of course). But not in a situation where I trick you into confessing. 😵😵😵

Yes I know…you didn’t mean to…
Yes I know…the fact that you cheated does not mean that you don’t love me…
Yes I know…you admit that I deserve better and you are a jerk then you start being sad…
Yes I know…you need me to forgive you because you are willing to tell me all I need to know and give me all your passwords to wherever…💆💆💆

But damn…you know you are 100℅ right… I DESERVE MORE THAN BETTER!💁💁💁

I cried… I mourned…but not any more…
You have hurt me in a couple of ways before but sometimes maybe I was being too hard on you because no matter what…you always came back begging.👿👿👿

Now a week down, it hurts less.
I remember the situation sometimes (like now) but it really only hurts a little (and that is only once in a while). I won’t lie that it can all go away in the next second…but now more than ever, I would like to believe that time heals all wounds and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.🤗👻👻👻

This has only taught me how to be more calm and collected in all my future relationships (and I am sure that I will find more respect on the way).😍😍😍

But take note dustbin guy…




A friend once told me that I only blog when I am hurt. At that particular point I agreed with him(he is right by the way).
I do not know really why this is true but I guess really, every writer has an inspiration.
As for me…I just feel like writing when I am hurt and low because simply, that is when I usually feel alone and it is the time when I feel like I should share my ideas with more than just the people in my environment.
But anyway that is part of me and what more is there to wish for…than for all the hurt to go away?