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Remember that time when you wished you’d grow up fast…thought of how it would be cool to start work, get paid, move out of your parents house, pay bills and be responsible?:roll:

Well, me too, I remember. I remember how in high school, our head mistress always told us that the world out there is not that friendly, how we’d wish to come back to high school as soon as we left.👹

It’s okay, call me a living witness to that myth. It might be a fact😥.
So I’m only eighteen and I work, pay my bills and I’m in the capacity to buy a property. Started when I was just 17. Is it cool? A lot. Mom’s proud and I love that. But now I understand why older people usually say they are tired after work. I really do.🙀

I’m in the bus on my way home from work and boy I’m I tired!
Sometimes I really miss when I was in high school. Yeah, kill me! 👾

See how little kids have a good time? They know nothing about mingling with the opposite sex or getting heartbroken. How cool!✌

Whatever age you are in…exploit it to your maximum. There’s nothing that interesting in growing up. Let it be a natural process please.😾

I just wana go back to when I was young, if I knew then what I know now, would’ve changed a lot.💁

I mean, trust me…DON’T GROW UP! IT’S A TRAP!👎





Being pretty, that’s a choice you make…👑
Well I’ve had those friends that I call for a night out, you know…the “girl let’s go out and have a drink and stuff kinda thing”.
So I’d get all ready (sassy and classy) then we’d meet up as planned. 💄👢👚

I’m so having a good time but she all down looking at those other ‘prettier’ girls.
(You know how girls show out).
So after those few glances I give her…👀👀👀
“Eve I just don’t feel that good, I mean look at that girl, OK no…look at that hair…wait! Look at that other one…how about those shorts…:twisted:

We all got this kinda feeling that there’s someone prettier, cooler, taller, richer, smarter but hey! All could be either facts or situations.💁

Basically, ain’t nobody gon make me feel like I ain’t pretty.😂😂😂
To me that’s just a situation, I mean really, with just a certain amount of money…I can get that hair, those shoes, that bag, that face and definitely those pants.💃

At this point in my life I’ve passed through a couple of situations that might make me wana give up but you know what Estelle said, “We all make mistakes, you might fall on your face, but you gota get up.” 🙆

If there’s anything that I’ve come to accept is that whatever you desire and don’t have now but can have if something else was available, is called a situation.
If you wana feel prettier, act prettier!👸
If you wana feel richer, work on getting yourself richer!💰
Everything has a solution,but I’ll never accept feeling down, it just shouldn’t work that way!🙍

You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words shouldn’t bring you down💪💪💪.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours…there’s no such thing, there’s no such thing!😸😸😸




…beautiful like diamonds in the sky…🎶
…I’m not your mama…🎵
…If you’re sexy and you know it, put your hands up in the air…🎶

So for a second there I was in my world singing. I just wana wear some cool clothes and just have some cool long weird coloured  hair and make a video screaming in the streets like damn I’m the hottest one outchea” 😎😁😂😂

So you guys don’t know how cool I am like jeez haha. And I’m such a great simmer like call me fish😂😂😂! Sorry you guys I’m just crazy today and I speak Portuguese… Like yeah, I’m that hot😂😂😂. I also speak English and Swahili… Duh!

So this is probably one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever done but whatever man! I’ve been so down lately, I just wana have some fun.

I even wanted to delete some posts, imagine, I was that confused😂😂😂.

I’M BACK NOW…😤🤓😜😇😚