Got into bed at 3:15pm today. Too early you guess? I thought so too. I mean…I just got this terrible flu last evening, never really thought it’d be anything serious but oh well…:'(
My head, nasal area and basically my whole head hurts. It’s such a Saturday evening!  I mean…I can hear the music outside my bedroom so someone is definitely having fun somewhere out there.💃
I’m just at this point where life tires me. I might have just been looking okay this whole summer but I’m really bored to death.
I mean I’m this steak that’s
so grilled outside but raw in the middle. Too peaceful outside but too crooked inside.😷
I started writing this post yesterday but then dozed off in the middle of the night.
OK I’m done.😂😂😂
Haha and the picture there was a phootage by a new white South African friend of mine that I recently talk to much…Kevin Gerber. Hope he doesn’t get mad that I used this picture and his name here.
The only guy that has given negative comments on this blog. I respect him for that and I hope he isn’t being mean. Guess I’m raw in the middle.
Asante  Kevin Nakupenda (Thanks Kevin I love you.) 😍


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