This what happens when I think about you…🎶
I feel it and I hope you feel it too,
been thinking that the feeling that was always creeping in me was sadness but now I’m sure that you’ve proven that fact true,
now with you I feel the opposite of that, I feel twists and turns in my heart and even while the sky is still blue, I just can’t explain what it is that you make me feel, 😳

Scared I am I do promise, how you control my system when we’re together gets me in a situation where I can confirm that people really are meant to exaggerate the emotions that others feel, I  promise to agree with anyone who confirms that our first encounter together was truly out of the ordinary, like a prostitute finally ending up with that guy that picked her up down the street, funny right? 😂😂😂

If I could, I’d spend all my time with you, it really turns me on when you smile and I get even crazier inside when you laugh, this situation for me really is quite tough, taken you are, but really letting go won’t be a price I’m willing to pay, only if you let go, only then will I,👫💔

Millions are expecting to hear that you bought me a private jet, they want to confirm their theory, that you bought me a mansion in Las Vegas, but really, how do I convince them that it’s just the total you that I have fun with, a complete day without you makes me feel like maybe you’re with another, or maybe, with her, who is the official one for you, what to do? what to do? I have no answers and it’s confusing, in this confusion I promise I’m lost,:|

Do you maybe know how crazy I get when you ignore me? I lose my cool and wonder if I should just give up, but then I remember, the sound of your voice when you say ‘halo’ on the phone, I get all sensual and I imagine us lying there breathless, still moist air around us now, breathless after all that humping, “babe did you cum? So did I”,🔥💏

If anyone would have told me that a day like this would come, where I would no longer be thinking about my ex but now you, my body organs will agree with me that I wouldn’t have pictured it, I’m a lustful animal and even as a woman, I crave for you maybe more than you do for me? If that means that you will be the reason that I will try and write a poem, besides those English literature lessons I had in school of course…hold me captive,✌✨

Current playlist… drifting -G eazy* Chris Brown * Tory Lanez 🎧



Published by yvonnekache

Im beautiful!

14 thoughts on “MY LUCKY NUMBER 4.

  1. love to be the part of such greatness. this inspiration you have is really magical.
    you even got the playlist right.

    got to introduce you to some other songs tho 😛

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