I’ma hit somebody!
I really swear i’ma hit somebody!
If somebody tryna act like he more worthy than my feelings…I’ma hit somebody!

I really hate some type of people. I’m on the same side with anyone who has ever been heartbroken through a relationship without actually earning it.
So someone thinks it’s okay to lie to an innocent other about the fake feelings they have? I really swear I’ma hit somebody!

The worst type of Heartbreakers is the type that acts all nice, uses you then hurts you without even alerting you or giving reason…then they try to come back later when you trying to move on! Damn I really will finally hit somebody!
Look dude, You need to chill! Were you there when I was literally crying myself to sleep every night?
Were you there when I was tryna find someone to talk to every moment just cause of the way you made me feel? Were you there when I tried to call you to find out what I did wrong? I mean dude come on I was willing to take blame… When in real sense I didn’t know what for! Were you there when I always tried to distract myself from thinking about you every single moment? Wait dude, where your behind was at when I tried to fix this. You pushed me away…someone hold me, I’ma hit somebody!

Now you seeing that I started ignoring you and you noticing the distance. So now you tryna text me a lot dude. Now you tryna leave me lots of missed calls.
Where your behind was at when I needed all that attention from you?
You just tryna pull me back then hurt me even more! Tryna take a Range Rover just to run over my little fragile heart? I swear damn….I’ma hit somebody!

There are just some people who think they got the right to use people and dump them as soon as they get tired. Give no explanations, you just have to read in between the lines and skip to the next paragraph. Be careful of such people who treat you so bad and never even do anything special for you, they’ll kill you slowly and you’ll end up taking blame even in their place. At this point, I’d rather wait for marriage or forget about love completely! But I will never act desperate where I have no value. What do you get from a useless person who can’t even go out of their way to please you? Even when you treat the relationship seriously, they just feel like they deserve better than you. In real sense, you deserve better than them.

Walk out of such relationships and keep safe by NEVER going back to licking your vomit!

The situation can be two ways: a guy trying to treat you bad or a female doing the same. Don’t condone it especially since you deserve better. Keep those tears for that partner who will make you happy enough to shed tears of joy.
No guy should treat me bad and try to come back after I’m trying to move on.

Go on and take a bow!


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