Lord please see me…see my heart, a mangled wreck. It starts so sweet, an emotion so beautiful only to shatter you if it MUST end when you are still into it. Its called LOVE, I wonder why people don’t write about it no more. The depression, the sadness, the lonliness…I’m in the gutter. You know me Lord, I was faithful about this, he was faithful too (or so I choose to think) because I never saw fault. The fault was there, but in other areas… But unfaithfulness, No he hadn’t! Well at least not so far.

I’m broken Lord, Please see my weak heart and help me through this. I hate music now…because we always listened together, I feel sadness in every tune, Drake wouldn’t do me any good now. The worst part is that I have to end this, knowing very well I’m still in love. Help me not to go back to my past. Help me resist my temptation. The kisses, the touches, the good times spent…I shouldn’t think about it! Lord please mend my broken heart. It is for the best. Oh yes it is. Lord please save me FOR me. I shall survive. 

Yvonne Kache


Published by yvonnekache

Im beautiful!

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