I love the attention.
I love the kisses.
I love the ice cream.
I love to be touched in a certain way.
I love to be carried around.
I love to be protected.
I love swimming.
I love gifts.
I love going on dates.
I love the hugs.
I love Chris Brown’s music.
I love black, silver and grey.
I love HipHop.
I love being classy, neat and clean.
I love growing up.
I love the respect.


Published by yvonnekache

Im beautiful!

7 thoughts on “A GUY THAT KNOWS ME.

    1. This article is so true…Awww first time am reading your articles they are so nice dear …we actually have the same inspiration..lol

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  1. I love your articles… first time am reading them refereed by a friend…. we actually share the same inspiration…you very good all in all

    Liked by 1 person

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