I just love it when a guy I like starts acting all different. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m talking about when he is playing those mean games…you know…he really doesn’t mean it but wants to get a reaction out of you…

Liking boys is not part of the problem, on the contrary, the problem only gets to be there when he thinks he can get away with being mean.

As per my current knowledge on making a selfish guy suffer, I proudly know that I can give advice.


I know…it really is tempting to text back a lot of times even after he ignores. You really wana send that millionth text just to say , “hey babe, I just wanted to know if you saw the one hundred texts I sent before this…”
Then even after that one, you still see those blue ticks.

It really hurts especially when you know you did nothing wrong or especially if you know that to him it is a habit.


Nobody likes a clingy person, the more you keep calling and texting even after you are ignored…you become too frequent and he gets so sure that even though he is insulting your heart and your feelings, you’ll still hang around desperately.


It will definitely require you to be the strong species here if you want to crash that mean ego that is being portrayed.
Come on girl, cancel on a few dates, make your own false plans, start expanding your social circle and embrace your worth.
Trust me, guys are also jealous beings…the sooner you start hanging out with other people especially guy friends, they start marking their territory.
Haha! Then you’ll start hearing his hoarse voice shouting, “hey dude what’s up? That’s my babe!”


You’ll get happy and probably start smiling again, now won’t you? Those would be positive results.
But there has to be a sacrifice, especially if you know that a guy has some kind of affection towards you, even if it hasn’t gotten to love yet.

If at this point you are the only one texting and calling. STOP!
Leave him alone for a few days and you’ll see just how much more emotional he can get! Trust me, he’ll get way more emotional than you. Frustrate him until he gets desperate and shows it openly to you. It’s really so hard to stop the communication but you have to if you want that full love and attention in the end.
He probably is being a jerk and wants to get a reaction out of you by hurting your feelings.
Most of the times, boys like to come out as less emotional and less attached. Give him those missed calls and you definitely need to grant him those blue ticks.


Trust me girl, men love a challenge. At first, they’ll do every thing to win you over, but once they have you, you’ll have to try and fit in his list of priorities.

To avoid all this, you have to always keep him on his toes! Never be totally available, cancel on him once in a while and make your own plans, whether real or fake. Guys get attracted to independent ladies.


Stop the calls and texts and wait for him to come to you! No matter how hard it really is. Trust me if he feels something for you, it should take a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of a week to get him panting back. It could take more time depending on his ego and the nature of your relationship. Avoid the stalking disease and keep yourself busy. Sit back, relax and wait for your positive results. When he gets back to you, leave him hanging and make suffer just to realize your worth. Give him the silent treatment for days or even few weeks. Make him sweat for you. Don’t ever send more than a text before he replies. Let him do most of the reaching out and communicating. He will always be on his toes and feel like he needs to always chase you. Let that phone ring for a while. Respond with the one word phrases and be the first one to want to hang up because you say you need to go. Ignore some texts even when still online. He’ll always be interested and bothered about what else you might be doing.


For you guys out there, oops! Change the story the other way around and you could also get positive results.



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8 thoughts on “HOW TO CRUSH THE EGO.

  1. I always say “such words/advice you give to women without the men finding out we know the truth.” Hahaha.
    I love the advice and it always works. Always. If only cutting communication wasn’t so hard. But it’s for a good reason.

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