I’m erasing all the memories I have had with friends, Let me leave family out of this. I’m talking about all my friends but one old friend keeps nagging! He has been here all through…I mean come on! People come and go but he always insists on being here. He sees all that I do…He knows the result of it all because simply …he has seen everyone experience all these things. I wish he wasn’t around sometimes. I don’t like him…but he is here! I just have to live with him. I’m serious about this though…I’m kicking all you ‘friends’ out. Out you go! Out of my life! I don’t want anybody…but i guess I will have to keep only him with me. Now he is giving me rules…If I want to live around here…I have to let all you ‘friends’ back in. “I don’t want to!” I yell. “You have to!” He yells back. I’m lost…I’ll just do what he says. He says he knows my name. I’m bored and bothered at this point.
He tells me his name…”Universe”.
I’m not interested at all by the time he introduces himself! What kind of name is that? What happened to the normal “Tom,Dick and Harry”? He starts talking about himself in third person…

“The universe will always be the same. Taking in those who want to live, helping to crush those who want to be broken, training the wise ones to survive and join the ultimate glory in heaven and definitely eroding those who want to be evil to the hot welcoming gates of hell.
He gives all of us a chance…He let’s us decide…He gives us space, but then comes in when we lose ourselves(If you are lucky).
The universe warns you little lost soul…You will not live forever. Little lost soul, you will not always have chances to make choices. Little lost soul, it will come a time when you will lose yourself. Little lost soul, are you in peace with yourself? Little lost soul, you have this tendency of pleasing others…getting hurt because of others… losing yourself because of others .
You are broken little soul…oh little lost soul! I cry because of the pity I feel for you. Your trend is the piercings…that marijuana…that Smirnoff… that rudeness to your parents…that hate for your brothers and sisters.
Your ‘Not Trend’ is listening to your professor or teacher. “My mother speaks too much” you say. “That pastor repeats himself every Sunday!” you lament.
But you let people crush you poor lost soul…you invest your time in meaningless friendships and relationships.
But do you think about your future? I’m patiently waiting to erode you into the hot welcoming gates of hell!”

A tear drops from my eye. At this point I’m interested but scared.
I look at my friend Universe, he takes a sip of water from my glass and looks down in total disappointment. He starts to move back slowly…one step back…second step back…
He starts to slowly fade from my eyes…
“Stop! Please stop!” I shout. Give me another chance.
He fades even more as he takes more steps back….
“I will always be here with the rest even after you are lost…nobody cares, but you should…The ball is on your coat now …little lost soul,” says my friend Universe as he completely fades.
“My friend!” I shout once more as another tear drops from my right eye.

“Yes! I’m your friend with a weird name… Jump up high and lift up your arms before I erode you, you don’t have that many chances any more…” He completely disappears.

I kneel down and cry knowing that I have to make better choices from now on, but then I remember my friend Universe and jump up high and lift my arms.

“Do not erode me!” I’m completely desperate at this point.


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